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All About Mink Cluster Lashes

mink cluster lashes

All About Mink Cluster Lashes

Mink cluster lashes are not that hard to apply. It is a mascara of liquid substance that comes in small plastic bottles and is applied with a very thin brush or an eyelash brush. Mink lashes can be used for any occasion – special events, nights out on the town, social occasions, dates, anniversaries and almost every other day of the week.

The mink material used to make these lashes looks very real and you won’t be able to tell that they aren’t real human lashes. Mink lashes are usually available in two colors; a dark black and a light silver color. The mink lashes come in a large variety of styles and lengths. You are sure to find the perfect length and style of lashes to match your mood and occasion.

If you have very sensitive eyes then you might want to consider purchasing mink lashes that are hypoallergenic. This will ensure that your eyes are safe throughout the application process. There are a few different kinds of mink that are used to manufacture the lashes available. These lashes are usually available in either small clumps or long thick lashes.

Mink cluster lashes tend to look best when worn in a natural base color. The base should consist of a medium density liquid and they look even better when it has mink beads, crayons and other little embellishments sprinkled about. If you would like to accentuate the lashes a bit more then you could opt for false lashes that resemble real mink but are not actually made from mink. These are often available as singles or as a volume set that will give you the effect of multiple lashes without having to purchase separate lashes. These types of false lashes are usually less than an inch in length and do not have the volume and shimmer of real mink lashes.

When choosing the type of mascara to use with these lashes you should choose a waterproof formula. Any formula that is waterproof will keep your lashes from becoming smeared or clouded during the night time hours. Any mink formula will not stay put once it starts to dry so you will want to make sure to keep your eye makeup away from them until they are completely dried. You can purchase mink eye makeup in colors such as gold, silver and copper. There are also a variety of colors available if you do not like the bold colored lash options that are currently available on the market.

To apply these lashes you do not need any special skills. Mink eye makeup products are considered to be quite thick and will not clump up on your eyes unlike other brands of eye makeup that contain small particles of glitter. These lashes are also going to last a very long time due to the fact that they are high quality. Because of their sheer beauty and versatility the mink products have become extremely popular and are widely distributed throughout the country. Mink lashes can be found in many department stores and pharmacies but are most commonly available online.

If you have never used mink foundation then you are in for a treat. This is the most luxurious form of eye makeup you will find anywhere. Mink foundation provides an airbrushed, smudge proof, smoke-proof and matte finish that looks beautiful. One of the major differences between mink foundation and regular eye makeup is that the former stays put all day and all night and is completely waterproof and will not run when applied with water. The mink formula also contains zinc oxide, which helps to protect the lashes and eyelids against the wind and sun.

Mink lashes are not made out of real hair, rather they are manufactured from faux fur. Although, they look so real you cannot mistake them for regular lashes. Mink lashes come in several colors, including black, brown, red, silver, blue, grey, white, pinks and even green. You can purchase mink lashes in the form of an eyelash, false eyelashes, ponytail extensions and individual lashes for use on your own.

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